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A Real-life Anne with An E

I recently watched Netflix’s ‘Anne With an E’ and… let’s just say it was a classic case of ‘love at first sight. I’m the kind of girl who usually starts watching a TV series and gets bored of it either halfway through the first episode or halfway through the first series, but I maaaay have binge watched the whole thing within the space of a couple of weeks (okay, okay, I totally did).

Current mood: Anne with an E

From the minute I heard her ramblings about the beauty of nature, delivered with a lack of self-awareness that was oddly adorable, rather than annoying, I should have known she was my kinda girl. 

Admiring the beauty of nature…

But when she made her love of puff sleeves known to Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert in episode 5, it was then I finally realised, that in this wonderfully whimsical TV show, I had finally found my people. 

That smile when you’ve ‘found your people’

Ah, to be a maiden frolicking in fields in a pretty summer dress (puff sleeved, of course) picking wildflowers, twirling the ribbons of my bonnet or burying my nose in a book in and escaping to a fantasy location.

The perfect floral fantasy

I just had to see where the inspiration behind this wonderful series had come from, so I bought the book, and just like that, this little look was born! 

Straight out of a storybook: an Anne with an E-inspired look

This gorgeous dress dress is from New Look – I’d had my eye on it for the longest time, so when it finally went on sale, you bet I snapped it up. It’s the perfect dress for a summer picnic, with its airy cotton fabric and ditsy floral print, plus the shirred bodice means you don’t need to wear a bra either (because who doesn’t like to let their girls breathe?)

Close-up-ready in my puff sleeve dress

I paired it with a lovely cardigan, which I picked up from Reserved a while back. If Spring/Summer were a knitwear piece, this would definitely be it   from the chunky knit to the embroidered detailing, it’s got total vintage vibes and it’s perfect for those chilly summer days… or even to wear on nippy days in autumn, for those of us who are still in denial about summer ending *raises hand*.

Wistfully gazing after summer

No Anne with an E-inspired look would be complete without a straw bonnet, so I finished the look off with my favourite straw hat (similar) and bag combo, added my trusty espadrille wedges (not pictured because they’re in desperate need of a clean) and voila – perfect cottagecore style!

When your cottagecore style’s so on point even you can’t stop staring

If you’re an Anne with an E fan too, comment letting me know and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this look too.


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