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Happy New Year! My top 5 blogging resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year, lovelies! Still can’t believe we’re in 2020- I mean, how did a whole new decade even get here!? I’m super excited for what this year has in store and for my very first post of the year I thought I’d share some of my blogging resolutions with you, so sit back, relax and enjoy the pretty, pink look I’m serving you this time around.

Happy New year! (emphasis on the ‘Happy’)…

1) Stop caring about the numbers

As some of you may know, I started blogging about a year and a half ago and over the past say… 8 months, I’ve found myself getting a little too fixated with the numbers. And sure, it’s good to check your stats as it gives you a better idea of what your audience wants to see, but obsessively checking your stats to see how many people have read your latest blog post or liked your most recent photo on ‘The Gram’, isn’t exactly good for your mental health… or your creative mind for that matter. So this year, I want to get back to creating content just because and stop caring about how many people are going to see it. 

That carefree smile when you’ve stopped worrying about the numbers | Cream rib knit detail midi skirt: Asos

2) Try new things 

Not gonna lie- over the past few months, I’ve found myself getting a little bored with blogging. And it’s not because I don’t enjoy putting looks together for you guys- it’s because I feel like I do the. same. damn. thing. all. the. time. *Yawns*. As much as I love shooting every weekend, it does get a bit ‘samey’ just posting pics and adding some text with the odd carousel thrown in. So I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel as well, which I’m SUPER excited about! Admittedly, I did massively underestimate the amount of time shooting and editing takes , so I’ve decided to take baby steps and try and post styling videos once a week until I get the hang of editing. I took the plunge and posted my very first one last week, so check it out on my IGTV!

Daydreaming about trying new things… | Pink pearl buckle belt- River Island (from the kids’ section) | Pearl hair clips: Primark, (similar at Dorothy Perkins)

3) Be consistent

It’s all well and good making all these creative plans, but what’s the point if you don’t actually stick to any of them, right? I’ve been guilty of taking on a bit (okay, waaaaaaaaaaaay) too much in the past and found that I really struggled to balance work, blogging, having something vaguely resembling a social life and making sure I got enough of that pesky little thing called sleep. Since I’ve decided to take more on, my approach this time is slightly different- start small and gradually build up till I have everything running like clockwork. In terms of my blog vision, this’ll mean blogging once a week as usual, then posting a styling video once a week. Once I’ve got those sorted, I’ll gradually start posting a new YouTube video once a month, then once every two weeks, then eventually, weekly (hopefully). We’ll see how that goes.


Consistency is key- in this case, it’s pink, pink and even more pink. | Pink faux fur box bag- Topshop, similar at SkinnyDip | Pink pointed toe boots: River Island (similar)

4) Get out of my comfort zone 

For the past year or so, I’ve mostly been taking photos by myself, and mainly using shoot locations in my hometown. As much as that’s convenient (for the most part anyway), I’m starting to realise that there are sooooooooo many gorgeous shoot locations that aren’t in my neighbourhood, so this year I really want to travel (even if it’s just to neighbouring towns) to create content. Also, I want to get more comfortable being in front of the camera around people who aren’t well… me, so I’d love to work with other people too! Rumor has it that there’s a teeny-tiny handful of bloggers where I live so it would be cool to maybe reach out to them and collaborate… I just need to pluck up the courage to ask ha ha. 🙂

Thinking about getting out of my comfort zone more… Pink colour block jumper: New Look (similar). I call this my ‘Battenberg’ jumper because… yum. 

5) Share more of me

I can be a pretty private person, so since I started out, I’ve just been sharing the pretty, perfectly edited side of blogging with you guys. I’ve recently realised though that I actually really enjoy seeing what other bloggers get up to in their everyday lives when I’m watching their Instagram stories etc., so this year I’d like to start sharing more of me with you. Not really sure how exactly to go about doing this as I feel like my everyday life (unlike a lot of bloggers) is pretty ‘regular-schmegular’ since I work full-time. I’m thinking I might start by sharing more BTS stuff like shoot locations and maybe bloopers and things, so watch this space!

Ta-dah! Here I am! | Cream balloon sleeve cardigan: Missguided, similar at Boohoo | Pearl pineapple pendant necklace: Orelia London 

And voila- just like that, my 2020 blogging resolutions set, and my first post of the year done and dusted! Leave a comment letting me know some of your resolutions for 2020 and follow me on Instagram to see how well I’m keeping up with mine! 

P.S. Let me know if there are any particular IGTV or YouTube videos you want me to film as well! 

Much Love,

Miss SWT

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