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My kind of nude: Black girl friendly nudes for Valentine’s day, Galentines day and Every day in-between

So, Missguided recently announced that they’ve started stocking nude underwear for a wider range of skin tones, and naturally I was pretty excited. My excitement was short-lived though, because when I went on their website, I realised that… Every. Single. Shade. Was. Shown. On. The. Same. Fair. Skinned. Model… Sigh. Now, don’t get me wrong – this isn’t personal. I’m not trying to create an ‘us vs. them’ dynamic where it’s cool to attack people because you’re frustrated by the lack of diversity, but here’s the thing: as a woman of colour, I can honestly tell you that there simply aren’t many things that come in our shade. So when they finally do, it’s doubly frustrating not to see them on our skin tone, because how are we supposed to know what a nude bra will look like on our melanin-rich skin, when it’s being showcased by a… well, non-melanin rich model? With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of dark skin-friendly nudes, perfect for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or any other day of the year. Some of these pieces come in a range of shades, but this one’s for my black/brown girls ’cause according to retailers, we really don’t exist.

1) The t-shirt bra

First up, it’s every girl’s fave – the t-shirt bra; she’s Perfect for those casual, everyday looks, or for creating a super smooth line under slinky silhouettes (ooh, la la!) I got this one from Boux Avenue – it was my first time shopping with them, and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s super comfy, true to size and an almost perfect match for my caramel skin tone. I wore it for the first time under the very see through top in my last post and you couldn’t see a thing! Shame I didn’t get it before the shoot, but better late than never… It’s definitely my new ‘bradrobe’ hero. 

T-shirt bra in Bronze: Boux avenue 

2) The strapless bra

Forget cute ‘n casual: this one’s for those times when you fancy turning up the heat a little. Whether you’re wearing a strappy LBD or a classy off-the-shoulder style, a strapless bra is one thing every woman needs in her life. This one’s from the new wonderbra nude range, bought from Missguided. The shade match isn’t quite as en-pointe as its t-shirt twin, but I think it gives a pretty nice shape and seems to stay put, so… so far, so good! I’d have to wear it for a little longer before I make my mind up properly, ’cause lawd knows there’s nothing worse than constantly hoicking up a strapless bra which is doing hula hoop circles around your waist by the end of the night. P.S. If you’re thinking the shade’s on the lighter side, you’re right. I did give the ‘Copper Sun’ colour a go, but it was a ‘heck-to-the-no’ kind of situation. Moving on swiftly… 

Wonderbra ultimate strapless push-up bra in ‘Golden Sand’: Bought from Missguided 

Comes in five shades (matching knickers available)


3) The bodysuit

Ah, the good ‘ol bodysuit. Offering a little more coverage than her sisters, she’s ideal if you want to get that ‘underwear as outerwear’ look without showing too much skin. I actually won this in Nubian Skin’s giveaway last year, and girl, do I feel lucky, ’cause she’s an absolute beaut! Featuring sumptuous mesh fabric in a subtle dotted finish, she’s sexy and stylish in a simple piece. Being a tall girl as well as a woman of colour, I’m pleased to say she also fits my extra inches perfectly (the bodice actually sits on my waist), plus, the attention to detail is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The only thing I would say is, the cup area does create that vintage conical effect, so if you’re wearing it with thinner fabrics, maybe pop on some nipple covers… don’t wanna be gouging anyone’s eyes out, do we? 

‘Plumetis’ bodysuit in ‘Cinnamon’: Nubian Skin (Four shades available)

4) The hold-up

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a huge fan of tights – they’re a pain to get on, and once they’re on, either the crotch sits halfway down your thigh, or they start doing that annoying thing where the waistband rolls down… ugh. Enter the hold-up: a cross between tights and a pair of super long socks, these bad girls will keep your legs looking smooth and shiny, plus, they totally pull their weight… literally! This pretty pair is also from Nubian Skin; I forgot to mention it before, but they specialise in stocking nude lingerie just for us brown-skinned girls! A couple of things to watch out for though: you might wanna skip on the moisturiser on the thigh area (put that cocoa butter down, sis) ’cause otherwise you’ll find that they keep rolling down, and if you have anything vaguely resembling fingernails, be veeeeeerrrrrrry careful as they’re super delicate! I think we can all agree that they’re pretty much perfect other than that, right?

10 denier hold-ups in Caramel: Nubian Skin (four shades available)

And there you have it: four alternative nudes for the melanin-rich lady in your life. I hope some of you guys have found this post helpful (and didn’t mind seeing me um… a little less clothed than normal). For the retailers out there, this is just a helpful reminder that there is more than one shade of nude. For those of you who are making nudes for and showing them on brown-skinned girls, kudos to you. For those of you who are making a half-baked attempt at including us by showing our shades of nude on our fair-skinned sisters, do better, please  it’s 2020. 

Much Love,

Miss SWT

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