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October faves: Neutrals I’m currently loving

I’m usually a colour kinda girl, but I’ve found myself being really intro neutrals lately. From clothing to accessories and everything in-between, here’s a little list of the ‘goes with everything’ pieces I’ve been using on repeat throughout October. 

1) The cable tidy 

I shoot all my own content, which means I have a lot of tech accessories, and up until about a month ago, I’d just keep them wherever. My camera remote had a permanent home on the windowsill and I’d just leave all my cables plugged in… which led to an awful lot of clutter. And then, one sunny Wednesday afternoon, the Stackers oatmeal cable tidy entered my life and I fell head over heels in love.

It’s perfect for housing everything from spare cables to camera batteries (because y’know, it’s nice actually being able to find stuff when you want to use it), but I also love how it doesn’t look out of place with my outfits when I take it out to on shoots, or when its propped up alongside my bag collection! I’m a brand ambassador, so this was gifted to me, but you can use my code, swt10sa for 10% off on the Stackers website if you’d like to pick one up. 

2) The boucle blazer

Boucle is one of my favourite winter fabrics and I feel like a blazer is such a style classic. I picked up this one from M&S and it’s actually last year’s stock, but I’ve been wearing it throughout October as if it’s the only thing in my wardrobe! I bought it to pair with more formal outfits, but I’ve worn it casually a couple of times and it looks super cute like that too! It came with some silver-toned buttons, but I’m definitely more of a gold girl so I swapped them for some vintage ones which were gifted by my mum. If you’d like to steal my style check out this similar one from H&M.

3) All gold everything

Last, but not the least is all gold everything – as I mentioned before, I’m a golden gal and I find that gold is one of those colours that complements neutrals perfectly. From beautiful button details, to bag straps and belt buckles, I’ve found myself dripping in gold recently and it makes me feel cool and classy, which I love. 

And voila – a whistlestop tour of my October faves. Comment letting me know which was your personal favourite and don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube video below. 


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