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Why I took (another) blogging break

So, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably have noticed my posts here and on Instagram have become pretty much non-existent of late. And that’s kinda weird. Because autumn is my favourite season of all time. And no, it’s not because I suddenly just got lazy and decided I couldn’t be bothered to post anymore. It’s because  well, sit back, relax and I’ll tell ya all about it. 


The way you avoid eye contact when they ask you why your last blog post was over 2 months ago… 

Skirt: Mint and Berry (bought from Zalando)



Okay, so I started this blog in 2018 to inspire tall women to learn to love their height, but also just to show off some cute ‘fits to to fellow fashion lovers on the internet. And sure, I’m super proud of what I’ve achieved so far – looking back at my very first post, I think it’s clear that I’ve grown so much as a person, and as a content creator (I mean, can we just appreciate this image quality in these snaps?) But at some point between the weekly coloured walls and frequent flower fields, fashion started to feel less like fun and more like… well, a bit of a drag (and I don’t mean the fabulously-dressed kind, as showcased by Ru Paul).


That look when blogging’s started to feel like a bit of a drag…


I can be a creature of habit, but one thing blogging’s taught me is I’m not a huge fan of routine. After almost two years of ‘work, work, work, work, work, work shoot’, I started to find that most of the time, I wasn’t really looking forward to blogging anymore. What started off as ‘yay! I’m about to shoot for my blog!’ soon became ‘oh, I’ve just finished shooting [le sigh]. Wait, what? You’re telling me I have to edit the photos, upload them to my blog and write about them as well???’ Yeah, see… I really wasn’t feeling that vibe. 

That faraway stare when you’ve just finished shooting and you’re thinking about all the extra work you have to do…

Tights: M&S


And so, after the millionth ‘I should really go and shoot right now, but I soooooooo don’t feel like it’ popped into my head, I finally decided it was time I took a proper break and did a bit of soul searching to figure out what was up. Then, as I was enjoying a chilled Saturday at home after not getting up at the crack of dawn to shoot, it suddenly dawned on me what the source of my blogging boredom was: the consistency.


When that blogging boredom hits ya harrrrrrrd…

Pearl stud earrings: Lovett & Co

Now, consistency can be cool; from a fashion perspective, it creates a cohesive aesthetic which, as someone who appreciates co-ordination, I respect. A lot. But for me, when it comes to fashion, it’s the same consistency that should be aesthetically pleasing that I actually find… well, limiting. The thing is, none of my interests are particularly consistent. I’m that girl who’ll go to the cinema to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when it premiers and be glued to the TV screen watching a True Crime documentary a couple of hours later. The one who’ll talk to her teddy bear like he’s her living, breathing bestie one minute and fiercely debate with you about ethics and human rights the next.


Who, me? The look you give them when they think you’re one-dimensional.

Velvet bow: DIYed using ribbon from eBay and buttons from Amazon


So naturally, my outfit choices follow suit. I’d describe my style as ‘fashionably freewheeling’; one day I’m a Cruella De vil, the next a modern 60s pinup… and then, by the end of the week, I’m feeling like a folklore flower fairy. For me, fashion is less ‘what do I want to wear today?’ and more ‘who do I want to be today?’ Each outfit I put on is the chance to reinvent myself; to step into a character; to communicate a mood. So when I try to synchronise my feed or stick to an aesthetic, I find myself struggling. And when I try to write yet another post about yet another trend, honestly? I find myself yawning. 


When you’re falling asleep because of the consistency…

Blouse: Blousey vintage (gifted) Check out their wonderful selection of true vintage blouses here



So what am I saying? I’m saying I want to be creatively free. And what does that mean? It means, one day, shooting outdoors in a flower field or by a coloured wall, if I want to. It means, if I’m really loving the outfit and want to write about it, allowing myself to do that. But if, on another day I feel like doing more of a fashion editorial style shoot indoors and I want it to be just that – some sharp shots of a killer outfit – then that’s fine too. See, fashion should be fun; photography should be fluid; with writing, the words flow freely like the fabric of a silk skirt in the breeze. Blogging shouldn’t feel… forced.


That smile when you rediscover your creative freedom…

Headband: Asos (padding removed ’cause I don’t need any extra volume up there as part of the #FiveHeadGang) Sold out, but similar here


And that’s why I’m no longer going to write weekly blog posts for the sake of it, or spend hours searching for the prettiest flower field or the perfect coloured wall for the likes, comments or ‘Insta goals’. It may mean that I post less on here, or that my Instragram theme gets confusing, but if it also means I rekindle my love for fashion, have time to work on new things like my YouTube channel and refocus on what inspired me to start blogging in the first place? Then yeah. I’m totally here for that.



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