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Candyfloss Dream: The best cosy, candy-like pieces for ladies with a bit of a style sweet tooth! 🍬🍰🎂

So for the millionth time this week, we’ve woken up to another frickin’ freezing morning… brrr! It’s that kind of cold where you hop in your car and your fingers are numb within about two seconds of touching your the steering wheel (is this just me who has this problem?) All you wanna do is wrap yourself in a giant cocoon of heated, pink candyfloss…. so me being me, that’s exactly what I did! It’s been almost a whole month since I featured my gorgeous pink fur coat and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms, so I thought it was about time I gave it another whirl! I’ve put together a look showing you how to style all things pink, pretty and fluffy, and since I want you SWTlings to stay snug and look sweet too, I trawled the interwebs to find the cosiest candy-esque pieces out there and linked them all for you!

They say you should save the best till last, but I thought I’d switch things up and start the absolute ‘bestest’ thing instead- my affectionately-named candyfloss coat! This coat is totally my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now; everything from the colour to the snugness and fluff factor just makes it an absolute dream to wear, and OmiGaaaaaadILaaaaaahveItSoMuch (y’know… in case you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’m making googly eyes).  😍

I bought my coat from Dotty P over Christmas and it’s out of stock now, but if you fancy a bit of sugar in your life, then this cosy cutie from I Saw It First is just the thing for you! With its longline fit and blush pink hue, this is one of those pieces you’ll never wanna take off!

Pink Faux Fur Longline Coat- I Saw It First

There’s no such thing as too much sweetness, so for an instant sugar rush, I layered up in this lovely colour block jumper from New Look. As you know, I go ga-ga over pretty much anything colour block, but I was drawn to this particular piece ’cause the colours kinda reminded me of Mr Kipling’s Battenberg (I maaaaaaaay have been a teeny bit hungry when I was shopping). The weird thing is I don’t actually like Battenberg (it’s one of those things I think looks faaaaaaaaar better than it tastes), but this jumper? J’adore. It’s a super-soft knit (my brother actually said it feels like a bit like a carpet… boys, eh?), and it’s warm, but just warm enough that you’ll probs be able to wear it right into Spring as well!

It does kinda feel like Spring’s about a year away (it’s actually just over a month… eek!), but in the meantime, you can always put a lil’ spring in your step with this gorgeous shaggy knit jacket from Boohoo! With its slouchy silhouette and ‘tall-tailored’ fit, it’s deffo every girly girl’s dream!

Tall Pink Shaggy Faux Fur Jacket- Boohoo

For a hint of licorice, (this whole look’s kinda givin’ Basset’s Licorice Allsorts vibes, no?), I slipped on my favourite pair of black skinny jeans and added a black double buckle waist belt (similar) to keep ’em in place! I feel like black jeans are the perfect all-weather piece, but they’re also great for bringing a look together, particularly if you’ve got a lot of pinkness going on like moi! These are a lil’ on the pricey side, but I’ve featured them in so many looks and trust me; they’re totally worth it. When it comes to jeans, you tend to get what you paid for and with their true black wash and stretchy, thick denim, these beauts are a load of pennies well-spent!

Want a colour poppin’ pairing for your black skinnies, but not a pink kinda gal? Check out this beautiful lilac faux fur coat from Topshop! Now, I really love the sutble pastel tones on this… but I kinda feel like the buttons are a teeny bit ‘blah’. If you’re a lil’ extra like me, you could always swap them for these pretty, pearly ones instead for some modern-vintage vibes.


Lilac faux fur button detail coat- Topshop

Speaking of being extra, for maximum ‘floof’ (a.k.a. fluff) factor, I accesorised with some gorgeous faux fur accessories, starting with the scrunchies from ‘Preppy In Pink‘, and these lovely blush pink faux fur mittens from New Look. I haven’t worn mitts since I was a little ‘un, and I still can’t quite get over just how adorable these are! As if the cuteness ain’t enough they’re also silky soft, super snug (they’re fur-lined as well!), and they match my coat P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) To bring out the pink tones a lil’ more (cause y’know… they weren’t quite poppin’ enough), I also added a pair of rose gold pearl hoop earrings (kinda like these) for a cute, classy touch.

I bought my scrunchies from New Look and they’re sold out (boo!), but if you wanna get the look, you can always snap up their style twins from Pull ‘n Bear! Wear with a ponytail for a subtle, cute look, or pop ’em both in for max ‘aww’ factor- it’s totally up to you!

2-pack faux fur scrunchies- Pull and Bear

If you’re all about that matchy-matchy life *looks at self*, why not pair your scrunchies with this gorgeous pink faux fur scarf from Asos? Oversized, fully furry and preciously pink, this is one seriously ‘strokable’ piece you don’t wanna miss out on!

Pink oversized faux fur scarf- Asos

To finish off in true co-ordinated style, I slipped on some pink pointed block heel boots, and added an teeny-tiny beige crossbody bag, topped off with a fluffy heart-shaped pom pom (of course). Excuse the fact that the boots are pretty scuffed- this is proof that I’ve actually been getting a lot of wear of out them, and since my New Year’s Resolution was to ‘buy less, wear more’, I’m pretty darn proud of myself! I got the bag from H&M a while back, and the pom-pom was a birthday pressie (thanks, mum!), but I’ve managed to find a similar pairing from eBay, so you can snap them up here and here.

If you’ve been scrolling through but you’re not ‘pinkified’ enough, these faux fur ear muffs from H&M should do the trick! With their faux leather headband and subtle tone, they’re sure to keep those frostbitten feels at bay in style!

Pink faux fur ear muffs- H&M

And there you have it: how to get an instant candy crush for the style sugar love in your life! See below for alternatives to all the pretty, pink pieces featured in this post, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on this look!

Much Love,

Miss SWT


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Pink suedette ‘Bestie’ block heel ankle boots: Faith