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Spring into style : floral vintage-inspired pieces I’m currently loving

So spring is one of my favourite seasons, but I feel like we kind of… skipped it this year? The thing I love most  is, of course, the beautiful blooms, and now that we’re actually allowed to go outside and enjoy them, (at least, in the UK), I thought I’d put together a vintage-inspired look to give you all a second chance at Spring, ft. beautiful flower-inspired pieces in pretty, pastel hues. 

Waiting for that second chance at Spring like…

First up is this fantasy-like floral organza sleeve top – isn’t she a dream? I’d had my eye on her for the longest time and finally took the plunge a few weeks back ’cause y’know… she was on offer and all, so it would be kind of rude not to. I’m a huge fan of anything with puff sleeves and a square neckline, so I feel like this was basically made for me! She’s currently only in stock in a size 6, but you can snap up her equally pretty sister instead. 

Posing up a storm in a pretty, puff sleeve moment

I’m normally not a huge fan of mixing prints (or colours tbh, because I’m slightly obsessed with colour co-ordination), but I switched things up and paired the top with a skirt which is basically its polar opposite . You might not be able to see as it’s a super light fabric, but it’s got the cutest check pattern in the most beautiful baby blue, which I absolutely love! I was going for a kind of floaty fairy vibe with this shoot, so this skirt was the perfect find… is it just me or does it kind of look like a slightly more grown-up tutu?

Heading to that summer garden party like… (but actually… I wish my garden looked anything like this tbh)

Next up, this dreamy vintage-style clutch, which I kind of stumbled across while on the hunt for a pretty tail comb!  She’s actually listed as a cosmetic bag on the website, but this lil’ beauty is way too pretty to be sitting around on my dressing table (plus I don’t want to get her dirty), so I figured I’d take her out for a whirl. She might be small, but she’s the perfect size for all your essentials – I managed to fit in my phone, highlighter compact, lipstick, and a spare battery for my camera (and there was still plenty of room), so if you’re on the hunt for a floral cutie, this might just be the one for you.

Floral bliss… that feeling when you find the clutch bag of dreams

The piece de resistance of this outfit is, of course these gorgeous earrings, which were gifted to me by Bill Skinner Studio – aren’t they an absolute dream? Blossom is the thing I get most excited about when spring comes round every year, so it’s no surprise that I instantly fell in love with these, and they inspired my entire outfit! I discovered the brand quite recently and it’s quickly become one of my faves – I adore anything nature-inspired, and the craftsmanship on every single piece is just… breathtaking (check out the close-up of the earrings in the carousel below!) Since they’re such a statement piece, I paired them with a single pearl string for effortless vintage vibes. 

The earrings are out of stock on the Bill Skinner site, but you can grab them here and check out the rest of the gorgeous apple blossom collection here

When you’re ready for that renaissance-style close-up

Last, but by no means least is some floral shoe candy in the form of these lovely pointed embellished heels! I got them from Asos years back and they really are the prettiest pair. Sure, they are a tad too high and it does feel like my tiny toothpick ankles are about to snap in half everytime I wear them… but they finish off this outfit in a way I felt like no other pair could (plus, I was sitting down for most of the photos anyway.) It started raining as I was attempting to get some close-ups, so here’s one from a previous shoot, plus a snap of me generally not being able to take my eyes off them, because… hello? Have you seen them?  

When your shoes fit right in with the scenery

And voila – my current faves for creating (slightly delayed) vintage Spring vibes! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post – if so, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my current looks and more!

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