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Shades of Snake: The best snake print pieces for gals who like a s-s-s-lither of animal print in their lives! 🐍🐍

Call me colour-crazy, but even though I love neutrals as much as the next girl (actually, probably quite a lot less, if I’m being honest), there’s something about them that has this way of making an outfit look… blah. You’ll probs know by now that brights are more my kinda thing, but every once in a while, I feel like I just wanna give the colour wheel a lil’ chill ya know? How to solve this style struggle? Throw in some poppin’ prints (namely a bit of animal), and voila- instant blah to bangin’ upgrade. Now, I’m not usually the biggest animal print fan, but snakeskin is that babe I’ll take any day of the week, so I trawled the interwebs for the best s-s-s-linky snakeskin pieces for gals who need a subtle slither of sass in their lives.

To s-s-s-tart off (okay, I should really stop doing that now), I slipped into this gorgeous snakeskin midi skirt, gifted by my mama recently. This beaut is from Zara (can you believe it was only £5.99!?) and it was an absolute godsend, ‘cause I’d been looking for one exactly like this for the looooooooongest time. I really love classy length and the multi-toned design (I find that if it’s all one colour it tends to look a bit too snakey). The only thing I’d tweak is the cut- I wish it were a teeny bit more flared (cause I’m not really all about that straight up ‘n down life), so I added a skinny snakeskin belt in a contrasting hue for a more feminine silhouette (similar here).

At practically pennies (especially for Zara prices!), it’s no surprise that my slinky stunner has flown right off the shelves, but you could always slip into its style twin, thanks to Dorothy Perkins! Featuring a flattering flared fit paired with a sexy slit, this beaut is classy and sassy in a single piece!

Tall Nude Snake Print Split Midi Skirt- Dorothy Perkins

To brighten things up a tad (Spring is just round the corner, after all!), I paired my skirt with this gorgeous lace sleeve top featured in Black, White, and Splashes of Culture) for a touch of elegance (similar here). This blouse is one of my faves- it’s actually a fine-knit jumper, which is perfect for the transitional season, plus, it’s super easy to dress up or down which I absolutely love!

If cool ‘n classy vibes are your kinda deal, why not pair your blouse with these stunning snakeskin trousers from Pretty Little Thing? Featuring a flattering wide leg in a gorgeously airy fabric, they’re the perfect transitional piece for those sunny Spring days!

Tall Taupe Snake Print Wide Leg Satin Trousers- Pretty Little Thing

Speaking of which, it may feel like Spring is in the air (I mean, we have been blessed with double digits for the past week or so), but it can still be pretty darn chilly in the mornings! I can be a risk-taker in many ways, but catching frostbite ain’t one of ‘em, so I threw on the brown robe-style coat from ‘Clean Lines’ to keep those chills at bay. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too sure about the colour at first (I feel like it’s got this slightly ‘carroty’ tinge, which I’m not all that into, but with its classic robe style and elegant silhouette, it won me over pretty quickly!

For gals who aren’t ones to play it safe, this sassy snakeskin coat from PLT might be just the thing for you! Pair it with your favourite neutral pieces for an instant ‘basic’ to ‘baddie’ upgrade.

Tall Taupe Faux Suede Snake Print Longline Coat- Pretty Little Thing

Since no neutral look would be complete without matching accessories, I popped in the Jorie Hair beads I mentioned in ‘Cowgirl Chic‘,  added some matching earrings (similar) and a set of bangles, kinda like these. There’s something I really love about wooden accessories- they always give me this rustic African vibe, which I’m totally here for as a Naija gal. I’ve been wearing this hairstyle for a good 3 weeks now and they’re still going strong- the metallic beads haven’t changed colour (even with all the hair product I put in), so it’s safe to say they’re keepers!

If wooden accessories ain’t really your thing and you’re after more of a style statement, check out these lovely snakeskin hoops from New Look! Mixing the slithery with a hint of shine, these are bound to be an all-round style win.

Brown Faux Snake Metal Drop Earrings- New Look

To finish off, I grabbed my go-to snake print Chloé dupe bag, and added a pair of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l camel pointed toe ankle boots. They may be pretty simple, but I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of brown ankle boots for about 4 years, and girl… let me tell you: These can do no wrong. Comfy mid-heel? Check. Top-quality faux leather? Check. Expensive-looking metallic zip? Check. They’ve even got a stunning stacked wooden heel, which I absolutely L.O.V.E. Thank you, Dorothy Perkins.

If you can’t get enough foot candy (yes, I did just make that one up), New Look’s faux snakeskin knee-high boots are probs right up your street! Featuring a comfy block heel and wide-calf design, these are slinky style and substance in a single shoe (or two!)

Stone Faux Snake Heeled Knee High Boots- New Look, available from Asos

For ladies who are all about that matchy-matchy life, try pairing your booty beauties with this bangin’ bucket bag! With its metal grab handle and drawstring closure design, this is one designer dupe that’ll keep you and your belongings stylin’ and safe!

Stone Faux Snake Ring Handle Bucket Bag- New Look

And there you have it- how to style neutrals in a way that’s more jealous hisssssssss-inducing than yawn-worthy! See below for alternatives to all the slinky stunners featured in this post, and don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your tips on nailing neutrals with me!

Much Love,

Miss SWT


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Gold hair beads metallic dreams mixed set: Jorie Hair

Large Gold hair beads: Jorie Hair

Large dark brown wooden hair beads: Jorie Hair

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