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Black, White, and Splashes of Culture 🇳🇬💛❤️🇬🇧

I feel like I’m beginning to make a bit of a name for myself for being fashionably late for… well, pretty much everything. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably know that October was Black History Month, and there were so many amazing events across the UK celebrating Black history and culture in all its wonderfully colourful beauty. I was lucky enough to attend ‘Africa on the Square‘ for the first time this year and girrrrrl, let me tell you: it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. From fashion and music, to food and everything in-between, there was something for everyone… I even managed to find some vegan jollof rice, complete with ‘dodo’, (a.k.a. fried plantain), courtesy of Hot Banana! If you’re Nigerian (or African in general), you’ll understand just how big of a deal this is (#LifeMade), but I digress. My lifelong dream to get an African print headwrap was finally realised last weekend, so I took this as a divine opportunity to put together a fall-friendly look, showcasing my Naija girl style… with a little ‘Oyinbo’ twist.

It’s said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but whoever coined that expression clearly hadn’t discovered the beauty of an Ankara headwrap just yet. I picked up Ayomide (yes, that’s what I’ve called her) from one of the stalls at Africa on the Square, and let’s just say it was love at first sight. I absolutely adore the colour pallette (if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know I’m really into primary colours), and the array of prints instantly adds interest to any outfit.

The colours may be a bit much for some, but me being me, I actually feel like headwraps are the perfect thing for autumn/winter! You can have as many ‘bad hair, don’t care’ days as you like (hooray for us lazy gals!), and they’re a great alternative to protective styling throughout the cooler months. I always find that my hair gets a tad drier than usual when there’s a winter chill in the air, so a little angel like Ayomide is an ideal way of keeping your tresses warm, snug and and moisturised. Be sure to slip on a satin scarf underneath though, ’cause every natural girl knows cotton ain’t your friend! There are soooooo many ‘tie styles’, but I went for the classic topknot and paired it with the yellow tassel earrings featured in ‘Layer Lovin‘. I feel like when it comes to accessories and African print, it’s really a case of ‘go big or go home’. What better way to do just that than with your favourite statement pair? I haven’t quite perfected the art of tying a headwrap just yet (it’s my first time!), so if there are any Ankara connoisseurs reading, please leave some tips in the comments section below!

With all the brights doing their thing, all I needed a neutral piece to really make them pop, and this gorgeous lace balloon sleeve jumper was just the thing! With its cosy, fine knit and delicate detailing, its the perfect combo of style meets substance, with a touch of feminine edge. It’s one of those ‘goes with everything’ pieces, which I’m totally here for, but at the same time it’s not just your standard piece of knitwear. The sleeves are what really make you look twice, and wearing white adds an instant touch of class to any look. I picked up this beaut from New Look last year, but I’ve found a link to its style twin here ’cause y’know… I’m all for helping a sister out!

The jumper may be kinda warm, but is it warm enough to go ‘all bare everything’? I wish! We’re getting to that time of year now where outerwear is an absolute must, so I threw on my go-to suedette biker jacket to keep things nice ‘n toasty. With its faux fur lining and silver metallic hardware, this piece screams maximum snug factor with a little edge!

Now it’s time we got onto the topic of this ‘tall’ red corduroy skirt, so let’s start with the positives. Cute colour? Check. Serenely soft cord fabric? Check. Complements mustard yellow belt beautifully? Check. Heck, I’ll even add bonus points for the fact that it has pockets (yaaaaaaaaaay!) But Topshop… who exactly are you kidding by slapping a ‘tall’ label on this!? I’m 6 ft. It doesn’t even graze, talk less of touch the top of my mid-thigh, and when I took the liberty of measuring it, the hem was exactly 1.5 inches below my boo-tay. If I have to bend down for any reason, it’s game over for anyone standing behind me (R.I.P. to your eyeballs… and my modesty). Like your favourite Naija aunty would say, “Did they run out of cloth???” Simply put? Issa ‘no’ from me.

For the finale, I paired a little ray of sunshine in the form of my favourite crossbody bag, with my go-to River Island black buckle ankle detail boots. I’ve featured the bag previously in End of the Rainbow, but mustard-flavoured arm candy isn’t only for summer- it can definitely sweeten up your autumn/winter looks too! I got mine from Marks and Spencer a while back, but I’ve trawled the internet for an equally cute colour popper here, so you can inject some life into your transitional season ‘bagdrobe’ too (yep, I totally just made that word up!)

And ta-dah! There’s how you brighten up your transitional season style with a splash of African culture. See below for alternatives to all of the items featured in this post, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on my Naija girl style!

Much Love,

Miss SWT


Steal her style

Red and yellow African print Ankara headwrap: Etsy

Block colour mustard tassel earrings: Accessorize

Tall burgundy corduroy mini skirt: New Look

Mustard suedette square buckle waist belt: New Look

Mustard/zebra 2 pck belt: Dorothy Perkins

Black 3 pair pack 40 denier opaque tights: Marks and Spencer

Black fur-lined biker jacket: H&M


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